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Red River Poker Shootout 2022

Tournament Winners

Men’s Final Table Prizes:
1st Place: Clay Saliba
2nd Place: Eloy Herrera
3rd Place: Brandon Hoffert
4th Place: Patrick True
5th Place: Matthew Speed
6th Place: Travis Steckler
7th Place: Michael King
8th Place: Eric Heard
9th Place: Gregory Phillippi

Women’s Final Table Prizes:
1st Place: Holly Buie
2nd Place: Debra Huhrmann
3rd Place: Brenda Sherwood
4th Place: Sheila Hetzel
5th Place: Michelle Carodine
6th Place: Leighann Woodward
7th Place: Julie Tumlinson
8th Place: Dai Gonzalez
9th Place: Sabra Jacobs

Top Senior (Age 50-59) Split: Eloy Herrera & Brandon Hoffert

Top Super Senior (Age 60+) Split: Debra Huhrmann & Brenda Sherwood