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Red River Poker Shootout 2023

Tournament Winners

Men’s Final Table Prizes:

1st Place: Chuck Harms

2nd Place: Brock Lewis
3rd Place: Zane Lewis
4th Place: Peter Kim
5th Place: Juan Garcia
6th Place: Frank Wilson
7th Place: James Johnson
8th Place: Matthew Rios
9th Place: Daniel Romo

Top Senior: Chuck Harms
Top Super Senior: Juan Garcia

Women’s Final Table Prizes:

1st Place: Joyce Owens

2nd Place: Lesley Berger
3rd Place: Patty Wright
4th Place: Brenda Mallory
5th Place: Sue Seiler
6th Place: Tricia Richardson
7th Place: Melissa Lovett
8th Place: Lisa Barker
9th Place: Ruth Hall

Top Senior: Lesley Berger
Top Super Senior: Patty Wright